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Certitude Group helps executives rapidly achieve their business performance goals. We understand and solve tough, strategic performance issues utilizing talented staff working within our structured joint delivery model.

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Roger S. Kellett President & Managing Director

Certitude Group

Certitude was founded in 2007 by three partners each with different backgrounds; one in Finance, one in Sales and Marketing; and one in Operations.  Each Founder possessed decades of experience in consulting to Fortune 500 clients and executive leadership of professional services firms including:  IBM, Deloitte, Cap Gemini, and Solving International.

Today, we are known as a strategy and implementation management consulting firm that specializes in optimizing bottom-line business performance.  We have the capability to approach performance improvement through a balanced mix of profit improvement and cost reduction approaches.

We partner with business leaders to quickly deliver bottom line performance improvements in tough situations and environments.  “Bottom line” for us is however our clients measure it, but we prefer EBITDA or NOI along with the Balance Sheet.

Who We Are

Certitude Group helps executives rapidly achieve their business performance goals.  We understand and solve tough, strategic performance issues utilizing talented staff working within our structured joint delivery model.  We do not take assignments unless we agree with our executive client that there are substantial and tangible returns that will result from the engagement.  Experience has shown that our approach quickly delivers sustainable improvements and significant bottom line returns.

Our leadership team consists of executives that have held roles inside many of the best companies in the world.  Unlike many consulting firms, we do not leverage our earnings using over-priced junior consultants.  Every person on each of our teams has a background in industry either as a leader or subject matter expert as well as management consulting.  Our experience gets our clients to the right answers and full deployment as quickly as possible.

Our Values

Our values are best expressed in one phrase: our client comes first.  We recruit individuals to our team that demonstrate the following core values in work and life:

  • Respect for people
  • Passion for value
  • Intellectual rigor
  • Transparency in word and deed
  • Passion for making change happen

Our Culture

The core of our firm is our people. Certitude Consultants are recruited and trained to support our ambitious client work. Our people embrace the following tenets that we call “The Certitude Way” which drives our business culture:

  • Students of our profession:  Continuous learning is our passion.  Our consultants embrace learning opportunities to develop their personal intellectual capital and leadership skills to benefit our clients.
  • Passion for excellence:  “Good is enough” is the enemy of great.  Our teams work tirelessly to deliver the highest potential client satisfaction and value.
  • Team effectiveness:  By the very nature of our work, our consultants must be effective in a team environment to drive sustainable improvement.
  • Challenge our clients and ourselves:  Our consultants think ahead and bring forward constructive and challenging recommendations that impart value to our clients.
  • Effective communications: We know the best answers often get “lost or discounted” if not presented properly. We strive to be clear and concise in our communications.  We’ll present data in a manner that makes sense for your organization.
  • Sharing:  We help each other. Everyone works within their assigned role but also accepts that the “job today” isn’t done until each team member is done.
  • Fun:  Our work is very serious. Even so, it is vital to make time to have fun together.

Our professionals have been deeply embedded in their industries as executives or valued advisors and are experienced in strategic decision-making. They have had their on-the-job training long before our clients meet them.


Roger S. Kellett is an original founder of Certitude Group and our President & Managing Director.  Roger started his professional career as a manufacturing systems designer in the years immediately following his formal education in Industrial Engineering.  He observed early on that the very best design work was essentially worthless unless operators understood how and why procedures were critical to their work.  As he evolved more toward the human factors associated with plant design and automation, he received an offer to join a management consultancy with a major emphasis on the human element of “change”.  That was 25 years ago.

As a Management Consultant, he has worked as an individual contributor and team leader on a variety of projects across numerous industries.  His last employer was Cap Gemini Ernst & Young where he was the Managing Director of the Western Hemisphere.

Over his consulting career, Roger and his teams have delivered well over $3 Billion in financial improvements to clients through design and delivery of improvements in revenue growth, total profitability, operational performance improvements, strategic sourcing and supply chain management. 

Mr. Kellett is a former student of Texas A&M University and holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering in Industrial Engineering.  He is also a Texas Registered Professional Engineer (inactive).

What We Do

Our client service is informed by our founders’ experience over 100 collective years of delivering against our mission.  We deliver rapid, sustainable performance improvement.  Our capabilities are driven first and foremost by our talented team of professionals

Our fundamental mission is to work with our clients to develop breakthroughs in performance by:

  • Partnering with business leaders and their management team to realize substantial performance improvement
  • Developing innovative actionable strategies across the enterprise which create value
  • Enabling successful implementation of changes and sustaining it through our Management Operating System (MOS).
  • Accelerating change to capture competitive advantages
  • Developing and improving capabilities to sustain and enhance value for our clients

Our Team

Every member of our team has had at least two careers before you meet them.  First in industry, then consulting.     

  • Years of industry and consulting experience
  • Functional and Technical expertise
  • Possess curiosity and intellectual rigor
  • Open and honest communication
  • Understand that answers are easy, bringing them to life is the hard part
  • View engagements as an application of proficiency and a learning opportunity