Financial Services

We work with regulated financial services providers as well as insurance companies and their suppliers across the value chain from product development, customer acquisition and servicing, to cost optimization.

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We work with regulated financial services providers as well as insurance companies and their suppliers across the value chain from product development, customer acquisition and servicing, to cost optimization.


We work with banks and third-party providers to deploy rapid, sustainable operations improvement initiatives to reduce business risk and improve profitability in the ever growing regulatory environment.  While each engagement is different, we often work on some mix of the following issues:

  • Re-definition and optimization of service delivery including the development and implementation of improved work processes, practices, and procedures.  Improving the approach to work also includes development of a management operating system and multi-level reporting mechanisms that push information up and down within the organization.
  • Business risk management at the appropriate cost requires continuous evolution.  Operate in control.  Markets, regulation, customer preferences are constantly changing and this fact requires adaptable, repeatable business processes that can easily accommodate evolving requirements without creating confusion and frustration.
  • Sales Effectiveness from cradle to grave requires information-driven insight into customer loyalty and retention as well as understanding of information requirements and positive reinforcement mechanisms for staff.


Demographics and economic growth in North America and Western Europe tend indicate a fairly static market for insurance providers.  Ongoing returns on invested capital however make for modest revenue growth through efficiencies and product diversification.  The invested capital also fuels competition across various lines for price, coverage, and services.  We help our insurance industry clients with the following issues:

  • We utilize a number of approaches to optimize the effectiveness of the sales approach in each channel through business processes that emphasize the development and nurturing of underlying relationships that drive sales.  It is very easy for agents and brokers to fall into administration and reporting tasks.  We work with clients to ensure that business processes and metrics are optimized around the mission to sell while reducing nonproductive time.
  • The development and continuous improvement of business processes that work across all functions is critical to profitability.  Specific operational issues include:
    • Business Process Integration and Optimization
    • Revenue Growth and Sales Effectiveness
    • Functional Integration
    • Contact/Call Center Management
    • Branch Operations
    • Shared Services Management
    • Compliance Management
  • Management Operating System provides bilateral (up and down) sharing of performance information for rapid decision making and course corrections.  This is a critical sustainability tool.
  • Analytics and functional integration have both grown more complex over the years, particularly in the wake of surprising man made events such as failed nation states and the rise of terrorist gangs in many areas of the world.  Previously, insurers managed risk by LOB.  Today, holistic risk management is really only possible for those with highly complex models that can operate in a functionally integrated model.

Project Examples

Health Insurance Operations:  Implemented radical enrollment and claims handling process improvements resulting in $19 Million annual fixed cost reduction through 37% enrollment cycle time reduction and 75%+ claims processing cycle time reduction.  Poor customer service was no longer an impediment to sales. 

Property/Casualty Call Center:  Implemented redesigned business process to enhance quality of customer engagement through Customer Care.  Work process was coupled with customized Management Dashboard containing metrics representative of a mix of best practices and company strategy.  Reduced average hold time by 18% and Customer satisfaction by 16% (measured by surveys).  Customer Care sales grew top line revenue by 4% in first full year.

Health Insurance Competitiveness:  Reviewed operations and defined with client business process improvement options.  Reduced low and non-value adding activities by 32% through streamlined processes.  Improvements resulting in consolidation of operations from two other locations.  Realigned decision matrix providing more opportunities for single handling of issues.  Developed and delivered specific training in support of implementation.